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White Fillings – a more cosmetically pleasing alternative.

The same modern tooth coloured fillings can be used where patients wish their old silver amalgam fillings to be replaced with a more cosmetically pleasing alternative.

Resin Bonding

Sometimes patients present with teeth which as well as being a little discoloured may also be worn, or a little chipped, such factors commonly associated with ageing.

In such cases the most conservative cosmetic dental treatment we can offer is a course of tooth whitening combined with resin bonding. Resin bonding restores the areas of wear or chipping using tooth coloured fillings, thus restoring the lightened teeth to their original shape and size.

To achieve this we use the most up-to-date white fillings materials. Their properties have been carefully developed to mimic the natural tooth structures of dentine and enamel. These fillings can seamlessly blend in with the adjacent natural tooth structure.

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