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Tooth Brushing

No matter which tooth brush you use it is important to use it effectively: in order to clean every surface of every tooth and to ensure that all plaque and food deposits are removed and gums are kept healthy. This takes at least 2 minutes which should be timed.

Teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day

Always last thing at night and also after any sugary snack. This is extremely important, especially for children whose teeth are more susceptible to decay.

Follow the same routine every time

It is best to work methodically following the same routine every time: start on the bottom teeth outside, inside and then biting surfaces -move onto the top teeth the same outside, inside and biting surfaces -gently finish with your tongue and palate.

For the optium protection of your teeth it is paramount that you brush is dry before applying toothpaste and that you spit out after brushing, and do not rinse

Tooth brushes

Manual brushes are inexpensive and need replacing every 3 months, medium textured brushes are best unless advised to use a soft one for sensitive gums.

Electric brushes are more expensive.

However there is evidence to support that they are more superior at removing plaque than a manual brush

The small brush head gives better access to the difficult to reach areas like wisdom teeth. There is no need to rub with the brush as the head rotates itself and does the cleaning for you but it has to be held in position for a time at each area. Their handles are specially shaped to allow easier handling which are recommended for patients with arthritic hands or weakened muscles. Some models have built in timers too.

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