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Hygiene Therapy

Hygiene Therapy – everyone wants white teeth, a nice smile and fresh breath.


Prevention of dental disease is the foremost aim of all our staff here at North Berwick Dental Centre and in particular our friendly hygienist Anne Davidson. Anne will advise you how to maintain your mouth by demonstrating the latest advances in cleaning techniques. You will also be offered dietary advice to help prevent dental disease.

Gum treatments

Most adults will suffer from gum disease, of varying severity, at some point in their lives. However, most are unaware of the problem. Gum disease can range from less severe Gingivitis, through to more severe Periodontitis. Often all that is needed to prevent gum disease is a regular, thorough, scale and polish to remove harmful plaque bacteria, which has the added benefit of removing surface stains – so producing an immediate, noticeable improvement. Personalised Oral Hygiene Instruction at these hygienist visits will also help you to maintain that clean, fresh feeling and keep gum disease at bay.


Gingivitis is very common. It is inflammation of the gums.

Cause: The cause is dental plaque, which are the soft deposits which form on the teeth if they are not cleaned effectively on a daily basis.

Symptoms: Most commonly red, bleeding gums, which can occasionally be swollen or give rise to bad breath.

Treatment: Removal of the plaque and personalised instruction to prevent its recurrence; ensuring you have the knowledge to carry out effective cleaning of your teeth at home on a daily basis. If not removed, plaque hardens to from calculus (tartar), which cannot be removed with the tooth brush alone – requiring professional help. Our hygienist will gently remove the hard calculus and ensure you know how to prevent it recurring.

Prognosis: If managed effectively, gingivitis will have no long term effects on the health of your mouth. If it is allowed to progress, it may result in periodontitis developing.


Periodontitis is the progression of gum disease in susceptible individuals, which can lead to damage of the gums and bone which are required to keep the teeth healthy and secure.

Cause: Like gingivitis, the primary cause is not removing dental plaque effectively on a daily basis. Unlike gingivitis, some individuals are more susceptible to periodontitis developing. Smoking is a major factor in disease severity, along with stress, alcohol, and some medical conditions.

Symptoms: Like gingivitis, you may be aware of red, bleeding, or swollen gums. Unfortunately, the first sign patients may become aware of this is their teeth becoming loose, by which time it can be too late to save the teeth.

Treatment: An individual treatment plan tailored to your needs will be formulated following x-rays and examination by the dentist. Like gingivitis, the principal factor is the removal of the plaque and calculus deposits and guiding you to ensure you remove them effectively on a daily basis. The removal of deep plaque and calculus deposits may be carried out under local anaesthetic to ensure there is no discomfort.

Prognosis: Depending on the severity of the disease, specialist treatment may be appropriate. Periodontitis will recur if high standards of oral hygiene are not maintained. Therefore, regular visits to our friendly hygienist at North Berwick Dental Centre are a necessity to ensure that plaque and calculus deposits are not allowed to develop and that you can continue to “Smile With Confidence”.

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