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Fillings – treated early can help prevent further tooth decay.

Here at North Berwick Dental Centre we strive for the prevention of tooth decay. However on occasion a tooth will require a filling due to decay. If left untreated tooth decay can cause pain, unsightly holes and could result in the tooth fracturing. If detected early by your dentist a simple filling could restore the tooth, preventing further damage. It is always better to have decay treated early so that large, deep fillings can be avoided.

Your comfort during treatment is our priority

We always aim to provide you with pain free high quality care. You will be given the choice of materials for your filling. This may be silver (amalgam) filling or white (composite) filling. Your dentist will help you decide which material is the most suitable given the size, shape and position of filling. With your tooth restored you will be able to eat and smile knowing that the tooth is no longer under attack from decay.

Prevention of tooth decay

We can also advise you on how to avoid further tooth decay in the future. To find out more about cosmetic fillings have a look at our white fillings section. If you think you may require a filling…why put it off? Come visit us at North Berwick Dental Centre and we shall put things right.

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